Welcome to Taming of the Review

We are excited to share our take on the Tucson theatre scene with you as we challenge the standard, critique art, and demand more from casting and artistic directors. Because we don’t believe that theatre must be a male dominated craft. We have come a long way since men played the roles of women but, as members of the community, we are very aware of how much further we need to go.

Our reviews will include a brief synopsis of the play but will focus more on the direction, acting, stage design, sound and lighting design, and, most importantly, gender representation on stage.

To accomplish this, we will note the ratio of male to female characters in the play as well as the number of roles that don’t necessarily need to be gendered. Are the cast, artistic team, and crew mostly cis white male actors? Did the whole ensemble need to be a majority of men?

This isn’t a place to hate on men. We often enjoy working alongside our male colleagues. We simply are feminists and want to see equality both on and off the stage. These reviews are dedicated to making ourselves and our peers more aware of gender bias in the hope that we can help create change.


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