About Taming of the Review

Taming of the Review is a local, diverse, and community-oriented collective committed to the idea that theatre reviews should not only reflect on the general quality and content of the play, but ask two vital questions:

  • Is this a story worth telling?
  • Is this story being told in a thoughtful, socially responsible manner?

These questions are at the core of our mission to critique the theatrical work being done in a way that starts conversations, asks questions, and creates a more educated, more aware theatre-going population in Tucson. 

Taming of the Review was born of a desire to see reviews that cover all aspects of the performative experience, from casting and directorial choices, to actors’ performances, to dramaturgy, set, sound, and lighting choices. In addition to these aspects, we feel strongly that theatre is a space in which to engage with tough questions and problems on both the small and large scale. We seek to review with social justice in mind, and invite our readers to consider issues of gender, race, ability, and difference on stage.  

Learn more about how we avoid bias and conflicts of interest with basic reviewing guidelines.

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